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Concrete Foundations in the Niagara Area

Residential, Commercial and Institutional Foundations

Whether it’s a new home or business, a small addition or a large building, Cotton will expertly coordinate the equipment and manpower necessary to see your foundations project through to completion. All required city inspections will be scheduled and all services located. Quality of work and commitment to your projects from start to finish are our top priorities. Call us at (905) 262-2000 for a detailed estimate based on your specifications.


From the construction of a small addition on the back of your house, to the foundation for your new custom home, Cotton has the proper equipment, materials and expertise to complete your project effectively and efficiently. Our estimators will not only personally review your plans with you, they will also visit your project site to investigate any potential challenges or concerns.

Commercial & Institutional

Beginning construction on a business or institution? From servicing the site to forming and pouring the concrete, we will construct the foundation for your winery, school, senior home, apartment / condo building, pre-engineered building or parking garage from start to finish.

Insulated Concrete Forms

Over the past 20 years, Cotton has installed Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs) for many different applications, including: party walls for town homes; slab on grade buildings; and above and below grade for single family homes, wineries and numerous mid-rise residential condominiums.

ICFs offer excellent sound and fire ratings, energy conservation and ease of construction, as well as the overall safety and security that concrete construction has always been known for.

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